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Parmalat is one of the major players in the South African dairy industry and has been active in the South African dairy industry since 1998.

Parmalat is known for its dairy innovations and quality and the company’s annual top performances at the prestigious SA Dairy Championships is testament to the company’s delivery on its promise of producing products on a par with international best standards.

Parmalat’s product basket includes award-winning cheeses under the Parmalat, Simonsberg and Melrose brands, iconic flavoured milks such as Steri Stumpie, a delicious range of yoghurts and long-life milks, as well as butter, ice cream, cream and fruit juice.

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Multinational parent company

Parmalat SA (Pty) Ltd and Parmalat Africa (including South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Swaziland and Mozambique) form part of the French international dairy company Lactalis

Lactalis’s acquisition of a majority stake in Parmalat during 2011 heralds the emergence of a “new Lactalis Group”. With turnover up from more than €10 billion to almost 15 billion, and 14,000 additional employees, the Lactalis Group is now the world leader in dairy products, with a more international presence than ever. In line with what the Lactalis Group has always stated, Parmalat remains an independent entity with its own legal structure and stock-market listing.

The Lactalis Group has a brand presence in 145 countries, and an industrial presence in 35 countries. With expertise across the full range of dairy categories, the group owes its dynamism and commitment to its roots in the town of Laval, where it came into being in 1933. The town has seen the company grow for over 75 years, and is still home to its head office.

Parmalat originated in a small town called Collechio, some 12km from Parma in Italy, renowned for its Parma ham and Parmesan cheese.

Lactalis Group

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Beyond the African continent

Parmalat SA has also expanded its export trade beyond the African continent. Cooperation agreements with distributors and Parmalat's sister companies across the world allow the company to expand its brand. Read more here.

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Did you know?
The name Parmalat is a combination of the Parma region in Italy's name and latte, the Italian word for milk.