Parmalat  flavoured low fat smooth yoghurt


* Filled with healthy goodness *

Parmalat Yoghurt now boasts a new pack and an enhanced recipe with a creamier than ever taste. Market research shows that creaminess is top of mind for almost half of the consumers who buy yoghurt and Parmalat’s food technologists have now developed what is the brand’s richest, smoothest, most velvety textured yoghurt ever.

Identify our yoghurts by looking at the colour of the straps on the various packs: Green = fruit pieces; light blue = smooth, and dark blue = fabulite.


Flavours to tantalise your senses

Parmalat has two additional delicious flavours, Vanilla and Caramel, in its smooth low fat yoghurt range, flavours that will delight your senses with the aroma and delicious taste.

Silky smooth, rich and creamy are the best words to describe Parmalat flavoured low fat smooth yoghurt. Filled with healthy goodness, it’s ideal at breakfast time or as an on-the-go snack. Parmalat flavoured low fat smooth yoghurt is packed with protein, calcium and beneficial live cultures to keep your intestinal system healthy. It is available in a wide range of great tasting flavours and different pack sizes, while the full range is Halaal endorsed.


The smooth range is available in 6 x 100 g packs in the following flavours:

1. Strawberry;
2. Strawberry, apricot, banana;
3. Strawberry, granadilla, fruit salad;
4. Banana custard, blueberry cheesecake & coconut biscuit, and
5. Choc Chip, Vanilla, Caramel

Parmalat Smooth Vanilla, Caramel and Plain available in 175 g, 500 g and 1 kg.

 (The 500 g and 1 kg products have a convenient resealable lid.)



Single serving size: 200 g

  Per 100 g Per single serving
 Energy (kJ) 354 708
 Protein (g) 2.1 4.2
 Glycaemic Carbohydrates (g)
       of which total sugar (g)
 Total Fat (g)
     of which Saturated fat (g)
 Dietary fibre# (g) <0.1 <0.1
 Total Sodium (mg) 31 62
 Calcium (mg) 74.7 149.4










 Nutritional information for Parmalat flavoured low fat yoghurt as packed.
 #AOAC 985.29